About us

Know About PlatformZ

We are a young and progressive organization

We are a software 'Lab' that believe in the principle of 'Transformation'. We do not merely support a business as a software vendor; but we become an integral component of every part of a business. We help the companies in today’s world transform how they do their business.

We aim at establishing an environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably. Our mark of success is delivering significant benefits, including significantly shorter time-to-market, improved customer satisfaction, better product quality, more reliable releases, improved productivity and efficiency, and the increased ability to build the right product by fast experimentation.

What We Do

We craft innovative and intuitive digital solutions for end users. Our team leverages designs, development processes and technologies that are best suited for the problem at hand to deliver business solutions that delight our customers. Our focus on quality and performance ensures that our solutions scale optimally with our clients’ user base and transaction volumes.

How We Do

Complex business scenarios call for innovative solutions. We follow an iterative decision-making approach (called Adaptive Execution) which is based on learning by rapid prototyping via leveraging the concept of Minimal Viable Product. Adaptive Execution provides us with a much needed powerful and radical alternative to traditional command – and – control style project management technique. Adaptive Execution helps improve odds of successful strategy execution by encouraging a fast and flexible response to change through adaptive planning, evolutionary development and continuous improvement.

By its very nature, this approach enhances the ability to manage changing priorities and increases the visibility into issues blocking the progress, thus leading to course correction decisions much sooner than a traditional approach. It is able to achieve these outcomes by promoting collaboration between cross-functional teams and bridging the communication gap between key stakeholders, creating a common language for complex program execution. Ultimately it boosts team confidence through high performance collaboration and also increases team’s productivity up to 3X.

Our Cultural Philosophy

Adaptive Execution requires a change in culture and mindset. We do not work in silos. We emphasize values such as ownership and accountability. Our teams take full ownership for their services, often beyond where their stated roles or titles have traditionally been scoped by thinking about the end customer’s needs and how they can contribute to solving those needs. Teams collaborate closely, share many responsibilities, and combine their workflows. Even our place is designed (using system and design principles) in a manner that promotes close collaboration between various teams. This reduces inefficiencies and saves time.

Why PlatformZ

Simply because we are FASTER BETTER ECONOMICAL

  • Upto 3 times FASTER

    • We have repeatedly shown that through our Adaptive Execution Model we can achieve up to 3X acceleration without compromising quality
    • We are experts in Rapid Prototyping - We can take a design concept to market in shortest possible time by showing you a MVP every 2 weeks and getting the feedback and iterating on it

    • We provide Business driven technology solutions - not the other way around. We understand your needs better than anyone else
    • We Focus on Digital Transformation - we harness the power of emerging technologies to drive superior business results
    • We work as a value-add Partner not IT vendor. We work with your team to find a solution
    • Our team has varied experience and bring best practices from different industries such as automotive, healthcare, services etc.
    • We have a team of strategy professionals who can look at the problem holistically and provide a business solution.
  • Our Engagement Model is more ECONOMICAL

    Our engagement model is different ... no really !

    We do not charge you based on the number of hours our team will work on developing a code, but rather, we work on value add we can provide you. We share upfront the total cost for the given project. Even if the requirements change mid-way, we will work with you to accommodate the scope change. Our Adaptive Execution model allows us to change course mid-way without incurring a heavy cost penalty. We are focused on the results we deliver and not the hours we bill !